Geoff Darcel


Geoff Darcel, age 36, lives at 17 Rue Brioche, room 402. Before the war, Geoff was a cartoonist working for The Clarion, a center-left newspaper with wide circulation in Arriance. His comic strip, The Man From Paradise, was lightly political and generally provided an amusing take on current events. The Clarion stopped publication during the war. Geoff retains a (very) minor amount of name recognition from his time in syndication.

Geoff currently ekes out a living by collecting scrap metal in a wheelbarrow and then selling it at scrapyards. Occasionally, he is able to supplement his income by selling sketches.

Geoff smokes heavily and spends much of his time reading. His long-term girlfriend, Jeannette, died in a bicycle accident during the war. He has not dated since.

Geoff Darcel

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