Victor Bonheur

An essentric artist in fashion. Taking the streets by storm and colour.


Age: 30
Address: 17 Rue Brioche, room 105
Profession: Tailor – Operates a Tailor shop at the same address.


Victor is an ambitious tailor, who compensates for his lack of wealth and opportunity with flare, confidence and style. His work is quality, but lacking expensive materials and equipment, his approach to fashion is unique. He fancies himself an artist and cultural revolutionary, pushing the envelope of tasteful dress. His use of colour might be considered nearly ostentatious, making cheaper clothes stand out through peacocking.

While not particularly humble, Victor is usually courteous and good natured. He views his clothing as more than an income, but as a way to upset the class system. He envisions a day when the streets are filled with colour, rough neighbourhoods become charming, and the poor are seen as “trendy” or “hip”.

Of course that’s become difficult lately.

fucker be fancy

Victor Bonheur

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